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    About Us

        Hebei Bohai Machinery Manufacturing Co. is located in the Hometown of Martial Arts, Cangzhou, Hebei Province, within JingJinJi Zone (Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Circle) only 2 hours'drive to Port Tianjin, and 1 hour to Beijing by train.
        Covering an area of 80 mu, with 260 employees (8 senior engineers and 5 electrical engineers among them), Bohai Machinery is the Director of China Bricks & Tiles Industrial Association and China Sci-Tech Info Network of Wall Materials, and an integrated brich-making machinery enterprise which combines designing, developing, costing and manufacturing. In 2006, Bohai Machinery was certified by ISO9001 Quality Management System and our products have received more than 20 awards. And in 2016, Bohai was awarded “Green Manufacturing Enterprise” of China Wall Material & Equipment Industry. Boasting a powerful R&D team, advanced managing system, reliable quality, timely and thoughtful after-sales service and 25 long years of experience, our "CANGBO" energy-saving vacuum extruder, gantry type high accuracy setting machine, high accuracy robot, auto-cutting, setting and flapping system have been highly praised by our clients.
        Bohai Machinery has been following the national industrial policy, adhering “energy-saving, emission reducing and environment friendly”. CANGBO JKY60-4.0 to JKY90-4.0 vacuum extruder, using raw material like co …more>>>
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